Ko Un
Poetry Reading, Keynote Speech, Lecture
Lecture and poetry reading at the Society of Japanese Intellectuals, Tokyo, Japan (1987)
Lecture and poetry reading tour across the USA (1987)
Lecture and poetry reading at Berlin Free University, Berlin, Germany (April 1995)
Lectures and poetry reading tour for the event of ‘Belles Etrangers,’ organised by French government, Paris, France (1995)
Lecture and poetry reading at ‘Center 21,’ Osaka, Japan (1996)
Lectures and Poetry Readings at International Sidney Writers’ Festival, Sidney, Australia (1996)
Book tour for the German edition of Homeland Stars in Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Munich, and Dusseldorf, organised by Suhrkamp Publishers(1996)
Poetry reading at the 26th Poetry International, Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Holand(June 1996)
Poetry readings for Beyond Self at UC, Berkeley (with an introduction of Robert Hass) and at Black Oak Bookshop with Gary Snyder, Berkeley, USA (1997)
Poetry reading and talk at Guadalajara Book Fair, Guadalajara, Mexico(1997)
Poetry reading at ‘Poets’ House’ with Michel Deguy and Alain Jouffroy, organised by French Foreign Ministry, Paris, France(1998)
Poetry Reading at Harvard Yenching Institute, Harvard University, USA (Spring 1999)
Poetry Reading and keynote speech at York University, Toronto, Canada (Spring 1999)
Poetry readings in San Francisco and UC Berkeley, USA (Spring 1999)
Poetry reading and talks at Chicago University, USA (1999)
Ko Un’s Poetry Night, with Robert Hass et al at Harvard University, USA (October 1999)
Poetry reading at Galgary, Canada (October 1999)
Poetry Reading in memory of Pablo Neruda at the Guadalajara Book Fair, Guadalajara, Mexico (November 1999)
Poetry readings and talks in Hawaii (December 1999)
Reading a Peace Poem, “Song of Peace” at The Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders at the UN, USA (August 2000)
Poetry reading and discussion at the 1st Daesan International Literature Festival, Seoul, Korea (September 2000)
Lectures and poetry readings at Goteborg Book Fair and at the Forum for Korean Literature at Stockholm University, Sweden (September 2000)
Poetry readings & lecture at ‘2nd Meeting of Poets in Krakow: Poetry-between Song and Prayer,’ patronised by Czeslaw Milosz and Wislawa Szymborska, Cracow, Poland (November 2000)
Poetry reading at Celebration of World Poetry Day, organised by UNESCO, Athens-Delphi, Olympia in Greece (March 2001)
Poetry reading and speech at International Literature Forum, Bremen, Germany (May 2001)
Poetry reading at XI International Poetry Festival of Medellin, Columbia (June 2001)
Invited as one of the 60 constitutional members to World Academy of Poetry organised by UNESCO, Verona, Italy (June 2001)
Poetry reading at Goteborg International Book Fair, and poetry reading and speech at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden (September 2001)
Poetry & novel readings and lecture as the first poet for Snyder-Soderquist Lecture Series at University of California, Davis (October 2001)
Poetry readings for ‘Noon Poems’ at UC, Berkeley and UC, Santa Cruz (October and November 2001)
Keynote speech at a Forum organized by Fugiwara Publishers, Tokyo International Book Fair (2001)
Poetry reading at University of British Columbia, Canada (November 2001)
Poetry reading at the 12th Prague Writers’ Festival in Prague, Czech Republic (April 2002)
Poetry reading and lecture at the International Symposium for Creative Writing, Baikal University, Russia(August 2002)
Poetry reading and lecture at the 1st Asia-Pacific International Poetry Festival, Manila, Philippine (August 2002)
Poetry reading and lecture at ‘With Ko Un,’ Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany (October 2002)
Poetry reading at Moliere Theatre organized by French Foreign Ministry, Paris, France (October 2002)
Speech and poetry reading at an international symposium for Literature and Environment, organised by ASLE-Japan, Okinawa (March 2003)
Poetry reading at Paris University 7 and poetry recording at Radio France Culture, Paris, France (March 2003)
Poetry reading and lecture at the Symposium for Modern Korean Literature, organized by the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities, Stockholm, Sweden(May 2003)
Keynote speech and interviews at the Korea-Japan Intellectual Forum, International Book Fair, Tokyo, Japan(May 2003)
Poetry reading and talks at the 3rd Berlin Literature Festival (September 2003)
Poetry reading at Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D. C. USA (February 2004)
Poetry reading at Yenching Institute, Harvard University (February 2004)
Poetry reading at University of Salamanca, Spain (February 2004)
Poetry reading and speeches for the Spanish edition of Ten Thousand Lives, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain (March 2004)
Poetry readings at 17th Ardentissima International Poetry Festival in Murcia and at Cordoba Book Fair, Spain (April 2004)
Lecture and poetry reading at the 1st Korean-Italian Literature Forum in Venice (October 2004)
Poetry readings in Jena and at Leibzig Book Fair, Germany (March 2005)
Keynote specch at the 2nd Daesan International Literature Festival, Seoul, Korea (May 2005)
Poetry readings, lectures, interviews, and conversations in several cities in Japan (May 2005)
Poetry readings and recordings at the 3rd Poetry Festival Berlin, Germany (June 2005)
Poetry readings and talks at the 14th Bjornson Literature Festival, Molde, Norway(August 2005)
Lecture and poetry reading at the University of Oslo, Norway(August 2005)
Poetry readings and speech at the 5th Berlin Literature Festival, Germany (September 2005)
Literary speech at the opening ceremony and poetry readings at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany (October 2005)
Book tour for the Italian edition of Flowers of a Moment, Fiori d’Istante Poetry readings and lectures in Rome, Florence, Milan, and Formia, Italy. (January 2006)
Poetry readings and speeches at University of Bordeau and at Paris Book Fair, France (March 2006)
Poetry readings in various places in San Francisco & at 'Noon Poetry' at UC Berkeley, and at the Univsersity of Washington, USA (April 2006)
Talks and poetry reading at American PEN International, World Voices, The New York Festival of International Literature, and at the 50th anniversary of Allen Ginsberg's Howl, USA (April 2006)
Poetry readings and talks at Parma Poetry Festival, Italy (June 2006)
Poetry readings and talks as one of the Featured Poets at Geraldine R. Dogdge International Poetry Festival in New Jersey, USA (Spetember 2006)
Poetry reading and a talk at Washington University, St. Louis, USA (October 2006)
Poetry reading at Harvard University, USA (October 2006)
Keynote speech and poetry readings at the 1st Korean-Mongol Symposium for Eurasian Cultural Network at MIU(Mogol International University) in Ulanbataar, Mongolia (January 2007)
Poetry reading as a Special Guest at International PEN Asia and Pacific Regional Conference in Hong Kong (February 2007)
Talk and poetry readings at ARCO in Madrid and Malaga, Spain (February 2007)
Keynote speech at the 2nd International Colloquium on France and East Asia, organised by The Intellectuals of 21st Century, Tokyo, Japan (March 2007)
Keynote speech and poetry reading at Literature and Environment: Korea-Japan ASLE Joint Symposium, Kanazawa, Japan (August 2007)
Keynote speech 'I denounce the name The Third World' at the 1st AALF(Asia Africa Literature Festival) held in Jonju, Korea (November 2007)
Poetry reading and talk at the Asian Literature Festival organised and held at House of World culture, Berlin, Germany (April 2008)
Book tour for Beim Erwachen aus dem Schlaf in Gottingen, Erfurt, and Leibzig (April 2008)
Poetry reading at the Korean Cultural Centre UK(London) as its first literary event (April 2008)
Keynote speech at Manhae International Literature Festival, held in Inje, Korea (August 2008)
Poetry reading, interviews, panel discussion at Milosz International Poetry Festival, Cracow, Poland (October 2009)
Poetry reading, talk, interviews at Smith College and at UCLA, USA (April 2010)
Poetry reading, talk, conversation at Crossings of Civilisations, the Venetian International Literary Festival & book tour in Milan, Florence and Rome, Italy (May 2010)
Keynote speech at 23rd IUFRO World Congress, Seoul, Korea (August 2010)
Keynote speech at 2nd WALTIC, Istanbul, Turkey (September 2010)
Keynote speech at 1st Dankook Literature Festival, Seoul, Korea (October 2010)
Book tour in Hanoi, Vietnam (October 2010)
Poetry reading and talk at 2011 Prague BookWorld and at Charles University, Czech Republic (May, 2011)
Book tour for Dix Mille vies (Ten Thousand Lives) and Chuchotements (Whispers) in France (Paris, Aix, and Avignon) (October 2011)
Keynote speech at the International Symposium on Asian Tradition of Storytelling, Seoul (2011)
Keynote lecture, conversation with Norwegian foreign minister and poetry reading at the 18th Norwegian Literature Festival, Lillehammer, Norway (May-June 2012)
Keynote speech at 2012 Asia Culture Forum on Culture, Technology and Creativity, Gwangju, Korea (August 2012)

Conversation and poetry reading at the 24th Aldeburgh Poetry Festival in Suffolk, UK (November

Book tour for First Person Sorrowful in Oxford, London, and Cambridge (November 2012)

Three special lectures as a visiting fellow for one term at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy (2013)

Poetry reading at Vicenza International Poetry Festival, Italy (2013)

Poetry reading and a talk at ‘Dancing in Other Words,’ the 1st International Poetry Festival in Cape Town, South Africa (2013)

Poetry reading in Nantes, France (2013)

Gave a talk at the Seminar on Korea & poetry reading at Biblioteca Ambrosiana, Milan, Italy (2013)

Poetry recital at the Theatre La Fenice, Venice, Italy (2013)

Poetry reading at International Literature Festival of Massenzio, Rome, Italy (2013)

Poetry readings at the 2nd World Writers’ Festival, Suwon & Cheonan, Korea (2013)

Poetry reading at Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK (May 2014)
Poetry reading and conversation at the 15th Berlin Poetry Festival, Berlin, Germany (June 2014)
Poetry readings & interviews at the 53rd Struga Poetry Evenings, Struga, Macedonia (August 2014)

Poetry reading at Harold Washington Library, and lecture at University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, USA (2014, 10)  

Lecture at ‘Symposium on Ko Un’ and poetry reading at University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA (2014, 10)

Book tour of the Italian translation of Son poems What ! in Formia, & Salerno, Italy (2014, 10)

Lecture organized by Fugiwara Books to celebrate its 25th anniversary of the foundation, Tokyo, Japan (2015. 02)

Lectures in Kyoto in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of poet Yoon Dong-ju’s Death, Kyoto, Japan (2014, 02)

Keynote speech at 31st ICOH(International Congress on Occupational Health), Seoul, Korea (2015, 05)

Poetry readings at Ledbury Poetry Festival and at the Korean Cultural Center in London, UK (2015.07)

Poetry readings and speech at FIAC, Paris, France (2015, 10)

Solo poetry recital ‘Thirsting for Peace’ with Yang Bang-ean’s music at the headquarters of UNESCO, in Paris, France (2015, 10)

Poetry reading for book launch of the French edition of Himalaya Poems at CIPM, in Marseille, and at La Maison de l’Amérique Latin, Paris, France (2015, 10 & 11)

Poetry readings at the 7th Bucharest Poetry Festival, Romania (2016, 5)

Opening speech and poetry readings at Hangzhou International Poetry Festival (2016, 6)

Poetry readings at the 20th Days of Poetry and Wine, a Slovenian poetry festival in Ljubljana, Omoš & Ptuj, Slovenia (2016, 8)

Poetry readings at Library of Congress and at George Washington University, USA (2016, 9)

Poetry readings and talk at 20th Taipei Poetry Festival, Taiwan (2016, 10)

Keynote speech at UCLG (세계문화정상회의에서 기조강연) (2017, 5, Jeju City)

Keynot speech at International Literature Forum (2017, 5, Seoul)

Keynote speech at International PEN Conference (2017, 9, Gyeongju)

Poetry recital at the 1st Asian Literature Festival (2017, 11, Gwangju)

Publication ceremony of the Vietnamese Maninbo (2017, 12, Hanoi, Vietnam)

Poetry readings (2018, 7, Mexico City, Mexico)

Poetry reading and a talk on ‘Truth of Poetry in Post-Truth Times’ (2019, 2, New Delhi, India)

A talk at the School of Languages of Jawaharalal Nehru University (2019, 2, New Delhi, India)

Poetry reading and a talk on ‘Writers and the Question of Power’ (2019, 5, Bucharest, Romania)

Keynote speech at the 1st Asia Writers’ Forum (2019, 9, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan)

Poetry reading at the opening session of the 14th The Kritya International Poetry Festival (virtual, 2021, 7, India)

Poetry reading at the opening ceremony and solo poetry recital of the 31st Medellin International Poetry Festival (virtual, 2021, 8, Medellin, Columbia)

Poetry reading for ‘Share a Light,’ a poetry event as part of this year’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the ‘Days of Poetry and Wine,’ a Slovenian international poetry festival (virtual, 2021, 8, Slovenia)

Poetry reading for ‘the Dead of the Pandemic,’ organize by Berlin Literature Festival (virtual, 2021, 9, Berlin, Germany)

Interviews & Others
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Interviews with newspapers Jornada, Milenio, Excelsior, and other newspapers and journals, and National TV (2018, 7, Mexico City, Mexico)

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La Jornada (2018 07 22)
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Interview with Kazakh Literature (2020, 2, 28, Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan, Almaty

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Еженедельник Леди № 44

Interviews with several newspapers, national television and literary journal, (2019, 9, Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan)